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Maintenance Task Tracking

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The purpose of this page is to:

1) Share neighborhood information
2) Organize the Maintenance Tasks for the Spinnaker Bay Homeowners Association.
3) Provide contact information for homeowners to address their concerns and issues.
4) Offer transparency for homeowners to see the progress on the Tasks In Progress.
5) Name / number the individual Tasks for ease of discussion in email threads.

"The 7-Step Process"   The flow of reporting and addressing issues
To report maintenance needs or other issues -
   Please contact:

   Paige Stauffer - Association Manager
     via phone: (907) 563-8838
     email: info@snowsmanagementak.com

   On your email to Snow's feel free to cc: Rick Henry at: n727rh@gmail.com
Please note: On any email please only refer to ONE issue at a time.
If the specific issue "In Progress" already has a Task number assigned, please put it in the Subject line. (e.g. Re: SB-1)
Multiple issues in a single email or reply will result in confusion and delays.
Thank you!
Items In Progress and Items Completed are listed here:

   Task Status Summary   Updated   5/30/2024

Other links:

- Snow's Management web page for Spinnaker Bay
     (Includes links to Association documents)
- Explanation of the various Association Documents

- Aerial photo of Spinnaker Bay units with numbers

- Fence Line Locations of Spinnaker Bay units

- Blank Maintenance Task Tracking Form   (For use by the Board and Snow's Management)

For corrections or updates to this page please contact Rick Henry at: n727rh@gmail.com
Page updated 5/30/2024